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Training Schedule

Also see Training Certification

We (the MHTC) are in the process of reorganizing the harbormaster training curriculum - the harbormaster certification is now comprised of three sections:

1. A captains license (6-pack or greater),

2. the reserve academy and

3. the harbormaster section; i.e. laws pertaining to harbormasters, on the water, boat handling etc.

The third section in being revised by (us) the Massachusetts Harbormaster Training Council (MHTC).

Our recommendation is to work on acquiring your captains license and attend a reserve academy. We on the North Shore will be providing valuable training during the winter and into the spring which will include the laws pertaining to harbormasters, on the water and boarding & safety techniques, in addition to other specialized training.

For questions concerning the training call Rosemary or Scott at 978-546-9589




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