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Swampscott Crime Watch Area
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W Kings Beach
A Fish House, Swampsott Yacht Club, Town Pier
T Whales/Eisman's Beaches
C Phillips Point to Littles Point
H Curran/Phillips Beach

Swampscott, among North Shore coastal communities, is somewhat unique in that our Harbormaster's Department operates seasonally. The Harbormaster and Assistant Harbormasters work from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Therefore, during the off season, the Harbormaster may not be immediately available to citizens responding to emergency concerns.

The Swampscott Police Department is the appropriate contact for all situations pertaining to reporting emergencies and reporting criminal activity near or on the waterfront area. The Harbormaster's contact number may be utilized to address non-emergency concerns relevant to waterfront activity. The Swampscott Police Department will directly contact the harbormaster during instances where emergencies dictate the Harbormaster's response and involvement. In addition, the local police have the means to marshal resources of the Massachusetts Environmental Police and the United State Coast Guard when appropriate.

It is important to note that during the bathing season, Recreation Commission lifeguards are available and trained to initiate emergency responses to beach related incidents. The Swampscott Yacht Club (located in map area A) is an excellent point of contact for members of the boating community.

The Swampscott Water Safety Task Force encourages all citizens to be alert to problems and potential problems along the waterfront and to appropriately report any difficulties encountered.

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