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William A. Waters

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Assistant Harbormasters
Mounzer Aylouche
Mike Bowden
Jay Locke
Brendon Reen


22 Monument Ave
Swampscott, MA 01970


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Swampscott Harbormaster

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Emergency Phone
781-595-1111 or 911

A warm welcome to Swampscott waters is extended to all from the Harbormaster and Assistant Harbormasters.

Swampscott Harbor, on Nahant Bay, is home port to approximately two hundred vessels.  Twenty commercial fisherman operate from our harbor in boats ranging in length form twenty-four to forty-two feet.  The preponderance of commercial fisherman pursue lobster, however, a few become involved in gill netting from time to time as conditions warrant.

Among pleasure craft, lengths run from thirteen to forty feet, with most recreational boaters opting for mechanical power.  Sailboats constitute approximately thirty percent of the fleet.

Boaters navigating upon Swampscott waters are urged to pay close attention to a spindle marker approximately one-quarter mile southeast of the harbor and a nun buoy just outside the harbor.  Mariners not familiar with the local waters are strongly encouraged to approach the harbor south of the spindle while applying the RED/RIGHT/RETURN rule with respect to the nun buoy.  Just prior to entering the harbor, please observe the NO WAKE rule designated by markers at the harbor's edge.  In addition, there are several bathing beaches along the Swampscott shore, each marked with Designated Swim Area floats.  Obviously, boaters should not encroach upon these areas.

Swampscott Harbor is serviced with a pier and float system.  There is a fifteen minute tie-up restriction at the floats, however, boats are welcome to "hang off" the pier for longer periods.  Fresh water is available at the floats, however there is no shore power available.  Low tide depth at the floats can be as little as six feet, so please be tide sensitive as befits the draft of your boat.  The harbormaster's office is located at the foot of the pier in the Swampscott Fish House, a National Historic Landmark.  Public rest-rooms at the Fish House are open each day from 6:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.  The Swampscott Yacht Club is situated in the second floor of the Fish House.  The SYC does run a launch service for members and may accommodate guests upon prior request @ 781-598-9273.  The launch operators communicate on Channel 10 VHF.

There are no fuel or pump-out services available in Swampscott Harbor, although there is a gas station located within a short walking distance of the pier to handle fill-ups of portable fuel tanks and containers.  A boat launching ramp is available on the west side of the pier, however, parking for vehicles and trailers in the area is extremely limited.  Guest moorings are very scarce, but do feel free to call the Harbormaster to check upon availability should you be planning a short stay.  We shall do our best to be accommodating.

Remember....... if you do visit Swampscott by water, look us up and say "hello"!

Harbormaster, William A. Waters
Assistant Harbormasters, Mounzer Aylouche, Roger Bruley, and Bill Hennessey.

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