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Ipswich Crime Watch Area
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W Town Wharf
A Little Neck
T Pavilion/Clark Beaches
C Crane Beach
H Castle Neck River

The Town of Ipswich welcomes you!

When entering Ipswich waters from seaward, it is imperative that sailors follow the buoys marking the channel entrance. There is a shoaling problem at the front side of Crane Beach and at the mouth of the Ipswich River. The Ipswich River has been declared a non-navigable waterway by the U.S. Coast Guard. It should only be traversed at near-high tide. Although the river is well marked, a very strong current makes it mandatory for mariners to pay close attention to channel markers.

The Area H, the back side of Crane Beach, is an area of pristine beauty and frequently visited by boaters. The property is primarily owned by the Trustees of Reservation and reaches from the mouth of the Essex River northerly to the mouth of the Castle Neck River. Boaters are allowed to use the beach, but rules and regulations must be obeyed. Alcoholic beverages and dogs are not allowed. Special emphasis to minimize any negative environmental impact by visitors must be observed. There are no lifeguards on duty, and the area does become congested on weekends. Care and safe operation of boats, with regard to other users of the waters and adjoining shores, are a must. The Town of Ipswich expects responsible boat operation and a responsible regard to the surrounding environment. Enjoy!

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