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Rockport Crime Watch Area
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W Rockport Harbor
A Granite Pier
T Thachers Island
C Pigeon Cove
H Sandy Bay

The WATCH areas in Rockport encompass the Sandy Bay area and the harbors within, including Thachers Island.

W -  Rockport Harbor includes three areas: 1) the North Basin moors mostly fishing vessels with a few pleasure boats on the perimeter of the area; 2) the South Basin consists mainly of small pleasure boats with the majority on the fingers floats; and 3) the outer harbor has the largest number of boats which consists of power and sail boats ranging from 9ft. to 45ft. These three harbors are surrounded by private homes and commercial property.

A -  Granite Pier is a small harbor to the North West of Rockport Harbor with a combination of pleasure and fishing vessels. In the summer there is a public boat ramp.

T -  Thachers Island is a small island approximately one and a half miles off the Rockport coast. This island has two light houses and two major dwellings along with several smaller utility buildings.

C -  Pigeon Cove harbor is North East of Granite Pier and consists mainly of fishing vessels with a few smaller pleasure boats. The area has a commercial business on the dock.

H -  Sandy Bay is the open area outside of Rockport Harbor, It has open ocean with numerous vessels of all types. There is a mooring area off the Front and Back Beach area, and in the summer months have many boats anchored. The entire area is surrounded by residential dwellings on three sides and open to the ocean in the east.

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