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Beverly Harbormaster Department is a member of the North Shore Regional Water Safety Task Force, as well as a member of the Massachusetts Waterfront Crime Watch Commission. Waterfront Crime Watch is a statewide program designed to educate and encourage citizens to recognize and report suspicious and criminal activity on and around the water. The program is designed to provide educational materials and training to harbormasters, local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies; and to promote the practice of crime prevention and safety strategies in partnership with residents across the commonwealth.

Beverly Crime Watch Area
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W Bass Haven Yacht Club
922-9712 or Ch. 68
Desmond Yacht Yard
927-1522 or Ch. 78 or 9
A Amtrak Rail Road Bridge
927-2301 or Ch. 13
Beverly Harbor Authority
Glovers Wharf Municipal Marina
T Beverly Port Marina
232-3300 or Ch. 78 or 9
C Tuck Point Marina
H Jubilee Yacht Club
922-7183 Ch. 78

Why Is There A Need For A Waterfront CrimeWatch Program?

To Prevent Vandalism and Larceny
of waterfront property, boats and trailers, cars, radios, fishing equipment, and personal property.

To Recognize Trespassing and Prevent Burglaries
in areas such as marinas, dock areas, and waterfront homes and businesses.

To Deter Public Drinking
especially by minors and in areas where it is prohibited by law.

To Identify Launching and Parking Violations
such as illegal launching on private property.

To Identify Problems on Beachfront areas
including disturbance issues, suspicious fires, and fireworks, issues commonly involving underage drinking.

To Report Unsafe or Suspicious Situations
involving speeding, reckless operation of a vessel, or possible operation of vessel while under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances.

To Identify Illegal Dumping
of trash, chemicals, building materials and other hazardous wastes.

To Report Fishing Violations
such as illegal use of fishing gear, possession of undersize species, and over-the-limit violations.

How does a person join the Massachusetts Waterfront Crime Watch Program?

Contact your city or town's harbormaster or Police department's crime prevention officer to learn about ways to identify and report suspicious activity, crime, and quality of life issues affecting waterways and waterfront property.

For more information, Call 1-800-80 WATCH

Operation ID - Operation Identification is a statewide community crime prevention program. It discourages burglary and theft, and provides an easy way for you to identify lost or stolen property.

Operation Identification is part of the Massachusetts Waterfront Crime Watch.. When the majority of the boating community participates in the program it will dramatically reduce burglary and help recover stolen property.

How OPERATION IDENTIFICATION Works:  Marked property is solid evidence of goods which have been stolen. The property decreases in value because of the great risk it creates for the criminal. If the criminal knows your property is marked, he will look for easier, more profitable victims. Even if your property is lost or stolen, Operation Identification works for you. Through your identification number, valuables can be traced and returned to you.

Where to Mark Your Valuables:  Engrave your identification number in a prominent place first. Then engrave the number in a less obvious place. Try to engrave the number in a less obvious place. Try to engrave the number on apart of the object that cannot be easily removed.

OPERATION IDENTIFICATION does more than identify and help retrieve your property. It establishes solid evidence against the criminal. By joining Operation Identification you are strengthening the effort to help your law enforcement agencies stop crime where you live. Burglary is a serious business. It is the most frequently committed crime in the United States. And remember, it isn't always the other guy!

911 or
911 or 922-1212
911 or 922-1212

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