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Red Cross Community Hero

Rosemary Lesch, Community Hero

Residents of Rockport have reason to be grateful to their fellow citizen Rosemary Lesch. One of the town’s two harbormasters, the harbormasters oversees the town’s four harbors and patrol the coastline from Halibut Point to Long Beach. Because it’s a job that can involve rescue work, Rosemary is a certified harbormaster, licensed captain and EMT. As such, she doubles as the head of the town’s Ambulance Department. Her work with the American Red Cross began early in her career first by taking an American Red Cross CPR and 1st Aid class and then joining the local Rockport Chapter of the American Red Cross to become a CPR and 1st Aid instructor. For over 35 years Rosemary has taught the skill of saving a life to all types of people: fellow harbormasters and EMT’s, boy scouts, day care providers, sailing instructor’s, fishermen, young mothers all are encouraged and most of them do successfully complete her 1st aid or CPR class. Rosemary’s goal is to make everyone comfortable with some aspect of saving a life whether it is the actual skill of CPR or being able to call as well as care for a family member or friend in need.

Rosemary’s effort on behalf of emergency training is but one aspect of her community service. She and co-harbormaster Scott Story, have not only provided their own vehicles to save the town money but regularly equip and fuel them at their own expense. And many townsmen have benefited from her off duty as well as official aid. As fellow Rockporter Kristie Ludwig explains: “She is someone you can count on to volunteer for any project, she exudes the same level of confidence and warmth whether she is flipping pancakes for the annual Ambulance Benefit Breakfast, rescuing a lone kayaker off Thacher’s Island, responding to an automobile accident or helping one of our lost tourists”.

We are pleased; therefore, to name Rosemary Lesch as one of this year’s Red Cross Community Heroes.

Posted on March 26th, 2010 by Administrator in North Shore,Rockport