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Massachsuetts Harbormaster Port Security Grant Award

We are pleased to officially announce the awarding of a Port Security Grant to the Massachusetts Harbormaster Association of which we, the North Shore harbormasters, are very active members.

This grant is a huge boost to all our harbors/waterfronts and we look forward to meeting with you in October to determine the security needs of your communities. A notice will be sent as to the place and time of that meeting.

We encourage you to share the attached notice with your town officials and local newspapers. Or let us know if you have a local newspaper or social media that you would like us to contact and we will send along this notice.

As stated on this press release the contact person is:

Peter D’Agostino

Peter is more than willing to answer questions and also notify your local newspapers etc to get the grant notice out to your cities and towns.


North Shore Harbormaster President Scott Story
Mass Harbormaster Association President Rosemary Lesch

Posted on August 11th, 2015 by Administrator in Massachusetts,North Shore