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Mooring Permit Waiting
List Procedures

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1 . All persons wanting to moor a boat in Beverly Harbor must complete the form "Application for Mooring Location" available at the Harbormaster's office, and pay an annual fee of Ten Dollar's ($10.00) to be submitted with the completed application.

2. Following receipt of the completed application and fee, the Harbormaster shall place the applicants name on the MOORING WAITING LIST. This list shall be maintained in chronological order by date of receipt of each application for a mooring.

3. The MOORING PERMIT WAITING LIST shall be updated annually and shall be available for review, by the public, at the Harbormaster's Office.

4. Each person who has applied for a mooring in Beverly and whose name has been placed on the MOORING WAITING LIST, must reaffirm his or her application for a mooring and pay the annual Ten ($10.00) fee by April 1" of each year. Failure of the applicant to reaffirm their application shall cause the Harbormaster to remove the applicants name from the MOORING PERMIT WAITING LIST. Each person whose name is on the MOORING PERMIT WAITING LIST will be sent a renewal form-n from the Harbormaster's Office on or before February 1st.

5. When the Harbormaster determines that a mooring location is available for reassignment in the Harbor, he shall notify the person on the MOORING PERMIT WAITING LIST with the oldest date of application that a mooring is available for a given size boat. If the person so notified wishes to place a boat of the proper size in the location designated, they must reply by mail within fifteen (15) days from the date of notification indicating whether the boat owner accepts or declines the assignment. An acceptance requires the boat owner show proof of ownership and registration or documentation.

6. If the person declines to accept the mooring location available for what ever reason, that person may retain their original position on the MOORING PERMIT WAITING LIST according to the date of the original application and must signify this within fifteen (15) days to the Harbormaster.

7. Upon acceptance of a mooring assignment, all mooring tackle must be constructed in accordance with the specifications set forth in the Manual for Beverly Harbor available at the Harbormasters Office. All mooring tackle must be inspected by the Harbormaster or his Assistants prior to being set in the designated location. Mooring tackle must be made available to the Harbormasters Office for inspection and placement in accordance with the directions of the harbormaster within one (l) year of the date of assignment. Failure to adhere to the provisions of Paragraph 7 will result in forfeiture of the mooring location.