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Fishermen rescued from sinking boat


News staff

SALEM -- Two Gloucester fishermen, their vessel filling with freezing ocean water, were rescued yesterday afternoon by a stroke of good luck when a passing pleasure boat off South Gooseberry Island came to the aid of the distressed seamen.

Salem officials later indicated that the fishing boat was poorly prepared for the emergency.

Sailing to its rescue was Gerard Cleaveau of 115 Leach St., Salem. A cell phone was used to contact the Salem Harbormaster's office and tell them that the fishing boat was sinking.

Harbormaster Peter Gifford and his assistant, Steve Levesque, arrived at the scene and plucked Guiseppe Ciolino, 51, 2 Track Ave., Gloucester and his 15 year old son from the pleasure boat. Later, the pair was transferred to a 41-foot Coast Guard vessel.

Meanwhile, Gifford and Levesque kept the wooden hulled fishing boat afloat long enough for the Coast Guard to tow it to Manchester Harbor.

Ciolino and his son had been dragging for sea urchins in the 36- foot, wooden hulled boat. When it began to take on water, however, he was unable to summon help via radio "due to poor equipment," according to the police report. "The boat was in very poor condition. There were no life rafts or survival suits on board."

Beverly Deputy Harbormaster Dave Costa also participated in the rescue.


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